Yoga in the work place

Yoga is more than a physical hit - it’s an invigorating, energetic workout which calms and focuses the mind and gives better brain function achieving numerous physical and mental benefits.

Calmness and attention at work brings the very best out of staff and colleagues, as well as improving posture, it all helps to create a healthier working environment for everyone.

Providing 45 minute or 1 hour sessions at your office, at a time to suit you, makes Yoga@work the most convenient way to keep fit, strong, healthy and focused.

When, where, how and for who?

Classes can either be organised by the company, offered as a perk to incentivise staff to be active, which benefits the company in productivity and performance as well as the individual.

Alternatively get together with a few colleagues during lunch breaks, before or after work, using space within your office for convenient, cost effective small group classes.

A small meeting room, empty office, boardroom or break-out area is all we need, shut out all distractions for a perfect break from your desk.

This dynamic, fun workout is instantly rewarding, promoting health, posture, focus, toning and calmness of mind.

No experience needed, all levels welcome.
Please contact me for further info and availability.