Phillida Lansley

200 RYT Teacher Training 200 hours It’s Yoga and The Yoga People approved by the Yoga Alliance International in Ashtanga Primary and Rocket 1

Anatomy & Physiology Essentials for Health Certificate in The Muscular System and The Skeletal System VTCT

REPS member R0113106.

Fully Insured – DSC Strand Limited

I started yoga in my 20’s and now teach all over Central London. Having studied many disciplines, my later training has been more focused in Ashtanga and Rocket 1. These are both dynamic, energetic, strengthening and balance disciplines, to give you a fun, full body work out whilst de-stressing and de-toxing. And much like all types of yoga practice they work every muscle and joint, focusing on core strength, creating a powerful connection to your breath and total focus of the mind leaving you calm and energized.

Training under the passion and guidance of the renowned The Yoga People in association with "It’s Yoga" approved by the Yoga Alliance, they have over 2500 hours of training experience in different yoga disciplines and have been extensively trained by Larry Schultz, Paul Grilley and Edward Clark, with added blends from the teachings of Shiva Rea, Max Strom, David Swenson, David Williams, Baptiste Marceau, Lino Miele amongst others. I’m qualified as an instructor in Ashtanga, Rocket 1, Yin, and Hatha.

What thrilled me over and above the obvious physical benefits was the variety of yoga disciplines and that no two bodies are the same, so to listen, understand, challenge, learn and develop self-acceptance is a powerful lesson and a fun journey.

Why attend my classes?

Correct alignment in each movement is the key to creating strength and balance, with breath and focus playing an equally vital role to calm the mind. Integrity of the spine, smooth flowing movements with breath lead us through a full warm up, dynamic energy boosting practice followed by essential stretching, releasing all the tension in the body, into a completely relaxing finish.

Rocket is a fun and addictive workout centered on Ashtanga with a twist. Structured with a faster pace, throwing in a few more inversions, core strengtheners and arm balances it is the ultimate fun fuelled, full body toning, de-toxing, mind focusing beneficial workout that can be modified to any level whether beginner or advanced.

My aim is to continue studying, growing, developing and teaching yoga, hoping to continually transform myself and my students, inside and out, to achieve a healthy balanced happy life.

My back feels great. Been working all day and still no pain!! When I get some cash I might just have to employ you every day.

-Mrs R – Film Producer

Your yoga is amazing, I could do it every single day

-Miss W – Managing Director of Ad Agency

I’m Scottish, I don’t ‘do’ flattery very often, but I have to say you are a really good teacher.

-Mr B - CEO Advertising agency

I love your classes; my body shape is changing already.

-Mr R -Film Director

Crystal clear instruction, words of encouragement, calm and assuring, you have a true yoga voice.

-Mrs D -Yoga instructor Dubai

As an active sportsman but novice to yoga, Phillida's reassuring approach and amazing (enjoyable) classes have made yoga an integral and beneficial part of my fitness regime

-Mr W – Ski Events Manager